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Lure of Falconry.

This is an excellent educational film that helps to reveal many aspects of falconry and is a wonderful introduction to the sport. It contains close up and slow motion photography of the raptors, explains the state and federal regulations of the sport, and describes both the risks and rewards to the art of falconry. 

(7th edition). Beebe, F.L and H. M. Webster. 1994. Privately printed, Denver, CO.

This is one of the most complete books ever written on the art and practice of falconry in North America. It contains information on equipment, management, and training techniques, as well as gorgeous falconry artwork. A must for the prospective falconer preparing for their falconry exam, as well as for the experienced falconer looking for new techniques.

APPRENTICE STUDY GUIDEHolderman, F.W. (Ed.). 1998. California Hawking Club

This study guide is an excellent preparation tool for studying for the US Fish and Wildlife Service falconry exam administered by the state. The format of this guide is that of the test itself, with question phrased similarly to the falconry exam itself. Following each question is the correct answer and the explanations for each correct and incorrect answer. The guide covers raptor identification, care and maintenance of falconry raptors, equipment, facilities, health, training, and laws and regulations. It also contains an extensive glossary of falconry terms in the back.

FALCONRY EQUIPMENT. (2nd printing), Kimsey, B.A and J. Hodge. 1998. Kimsey/Hodge Publications, Houston, TX

This is a wonderfully complete book on how to make just about all of the falconry equipment you could need. It covers areas such as mews and weathering areas, all the way up to perches. It comes with many illustrations to help to guide you in constructing your own falconry equipment.


A FALCONRY MANUAL. (2nd edition), Beebe, F. L. 1992. Hancock House, Blaine.

This is a great book filled with tons of basic falconry information. It covers areas such as identification, natural history, equipment, and training and trapping techniques. The book is highlighted with many photographs and illustrations.


THE FALCONER'S APPRENTICE - A Guide to Training the Red-Tailed Hawk. Oakes, W. 1993. EagleWing, Elizabeth, CO.

This is a great manual for an apprentice looking to train their red-tailed hawk. The book is both informative and easy to understand with proven techniques based on 20 years of experience training red-tail hawks for falconry.


THE RED-TAILED HAWK. - A complete guide to training and hunting North America's most versatile game hawk. (2nd edition) McGranaghan, L. 1996. Privately published.

This is one of the most comprehensive books on the training of a falconry red-tail to date. Based on 24 years of experience, the book covers topics such as natural history, selection of the proper raptor, trapping, training, quarry, health and equipment. Filled with many photographs as well as diagrams for mews, giant hood, jesses/anklets, and even pigeon harness. A must have for any apprentice looking to fly a red-tail.


AMERICAN KESTRELS IN MODERN FALCONRY. Mullenix, M. 1996. EagleWing, Elizabeth, CO.

A wonderful book dedicated to the training and care of the often-challenging American Kestrel. There are sections on natural history, trapping, equipment, training techniques, and health. This book emphasizes the art of hunting sparrows, starlings, and larger birds with this small falconry raptor.


BUTEOS AND BUSHYTAILS. Brewer, G. 1995. GLB Publications, Chandler, TX.

This book is dedicated to the art of squirrel hunting with red-tails and Harris hawks. Based on 16 years of experience, it covers areas such as training, free lofting and hunting techniques as well as much more. Included are many photographs as well as artwork by Matthew Armstrong, a well known falconer and talented artist.


HAWKS IN FLIGHT. Dunne, P., D. Sibley, and C. Sutton. 1988. Houghton-Mifflin, Boston, MA.

This is an excellent resource for the identification of flying raptors. It covers many species of hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, and kites and is filled with black and white photographs and drawings to aid in raptor identification.

A PHOTOGRAPHIC GUIDE TO NORTH AME RAPTORS. (2nd edition) Wheeler, B.K., and W. S. Clark. 1996. Academic Press.

This is an extensive manual for identification of raptors. It explains distinguishing field marks as well as possible plumage variations for each species. With 377 color photos, this book can help with any wild raptor identification in the United States.


These and many more useful books and videos can be acquired from suppliers listed on our Vendors page.