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About the Michigan Hawking Club


Membership dues are $30.00 to join the club.
Joining the Michigan Hawking club allows you access to the Membership discussion forum, where you can additionally ask questions, arrange hunting excursions, and participate in club activities. Additional benefits include a membership to the M.U.C.C., membership newsletters, and up-to-date falconry information in the state of Michigan.  Joining the Michigan Hawking Club is a great way to get more information on Falconry, becoming a falconer, and making new friends in the falconry community.  

** You do NOT have to be a falconer to Join! Many of our club members join the club to get to know other falconers and gather information about becoming a falconer. It's a great first step on your falconry adventures!

Membership Renewals

Membership renewals are $20.00 before the January 1st renewal deadline.  After that, renewals are $30.00.
If an existing club member does not renew their membership before March 1st, then the membership expires.

Existing members can renew their membership through their member profile page. Once a member has logged on to the site click on Profile in the upper right hand corner of the page. Under your member profile page there is a membership summary box. In the box is your current membership expiration date.


Important Note:

Existing members should always renew their membership through their personal profile page and not through the Join The Club link available on the non-member side of the site.


In cooperation with the Michigan United Conservation Core (M.U.C.C) the Michigan Hawking Club participates in several conservation activities throughout the year. 

Some of our members are active Raptor Rehabilitators and many are involved in various conservation projects outside of the club. Some of these programs include habitat building, migratory bird banding, and raptor breeding projects.


The MHC works together with the Michigan Audubon Society on the building and placement of nesting boxes for the American Kestrel across the state. Club members also help in the building and locating of nesting platforms for Osprey.


The MHC is very active in educating the public about the sport of falconry and the raptors it employs. Club members as individuals and collectively participate in many community events and activities on a regular basis. These educational programs help to enhance the knowledge of the art of falconry and birds of prey through out the State. Be sure to check our calendar of events for educational events throughout the year.


Members of the Michigan Hawking Club participate in the sport of falconry and strive to practice at the most ethical levels.  As falconers, we enjoy our sport throughout the year with all of the demands and enjoyment that comes with being a part of a sport and an organization that is both unique and special. 

Falconry is the sport of hunting wild game in its natural state with a trained bird of prey (raptor).  The care, training, and hunting with a raptor cannot be considered the same as keeping a pet or any other domestic animal. This sport is extremely demanding, time consuming, and could even be described as a lifestyle. It requires A great deal of knowledge, skill, and commitment in order to be successful. 


Additional information about the steps required for getting started in falconry are outlined on the becoming a falconer page.

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