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The following list of individuals and vendors generously support the Michigan Hawking Club and its efforts. In return we encourage our membership to patronize their businesses. Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their support of our Club. For your convenance you can go to these vendors websites by clicking their name listed below. For the vendors without websites a contact phone number has been listed.


Falconry Equipment Suppliers

Mike's Falconry Supplies (888-663-5601)

Western Sporting (888-359-4295)

 Communications Specialist (800-854-0547)

Old Fashion Bells by Karl Shank (765-789-4356)

Falconry ID Tags By Cheri Heimbach (570-966-9539)

Greg W. Howe Hoods (270-313-1149)


Books, Publications, & Videos

Falconry Books

Hancock House Publishers
American Falconry Magazine

Eagle Wing Publishing (608-378-5554)

Author Mike McDermott (573-754-6162)



The MHC extends a very special thanks to Rob Palmer for his graciousness in sharing some of his beautiful images on this website. Please take the time to enjoy more of his work at the link below.

Rob Palmer 

Personalized falconry posters & hawking decals, specializing in action photos.

Filkins Photos


Raptor Feed Suppliers

Christiansen's Golden Quail (712-270-7555)

Northwest Gamebirds, LLC (509-586-0150)

Rodent Pro (812-867-7598)

Mike Dupuy Hawk Food (507-837-1551)

Boyd's Bird Company (509-332-3109)
FeeMiceder (616-875-8199)



Hawk House Art


 Sporting Goods

Cabela's (800-237-4444)

Jay's Sporting Goods (989-386-3475)


Gun Dog Supply (800-624-6378)
Greg Thomas (317-844-3412)

Michigan Hawking Club Merchandise and SWAG