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Although used in other states and various countries around the world, current law does not allow the use of golden eagles for falconry in Michigan.


Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)


  • The plumage colors range from black-brown to dark brown, with a striking golden-buff crown and nape
  • Immature birds resemble adults, but have a duller more mottled appearance
  • 6 sub-species, each of which is more or less specific to a geographical area, and differs from the others in size, plumage etc.


  • Length: 26"-40: (66-100 cm)
  • Wingspan: 59"-95" (150-240 cm)
  • Weight 106-216 oz. (3000-6125 g)


  • The golden eagle is found in North America, Eurasia, and northern Africa.


  • Although capable of catching a wide variety of food sources, primary diet consist of small to medium sized mammals. 


  • High pitched yelping.


  • Large bowl structure made of sticks usually located on cliff ledges and occasionally it trees. Typically one to four eggs are layed in a clutch.