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You said the first two books? I recently have ordered Apprenticeship Guide,a Falconry Manual, and the Red-tail Hawk book you spoke of. I also have printed out info from the DNR website. Is this a good start for preparing to understand what i will need to do to take the test. I am looking at it as my first step. learn as much as i can then go from there.
Thanks Jeff

Hi crew,


In my opinion, one of the FIRST two books you should buy as you begin your quest towards apprenticeship.


The Red-tailed Hawk-Guide To Training & Hunting the Red-tailed Hawk
by Liam McGranaghan, 2001, 3rd ed., Softbound, 180 Pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 36 line drawings and 68 black-and-white photographs. This new edition contains a more detailed index, a new chapter on hunting, the addition of hoodmaking to the Equipment Section and Insights into Hunting. The book outlines the sequence of acquiring and training a red-tail. Chapters include Trapping, Training, Rabbit Hawking, Squirrel Hawking, Aspects on Hunting and Health & Maintenance, plus Appendix, which includes Patterns (aylmeri jesses, hoods, giant hood, quick mews, weathering area, morphology, and pigeon harness), Falconry Log, Ounces-to-Grams Conversion Table, Suggested Reading and Index.


This book and many others are available from our friends at these fine falconry suppliers:


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Kory Koch
MHC Public Relations
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
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