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Here are some suggestions for books, falconry equipment resources (books as well) and websites for information about falconry.

Here is one of the best apprentice sites on the web with tons of great photos:

Here is the recommended reading list of books

Apprentice Study Guide by the California Hawking Club (edited by Frederick W. Holderman)
2010, 16th printing, 8.5" x 11", spiral bound, 122 pages, black-and-white illustrations.
Essential Apprentice Pre-Test Material. The California Hawking Club carefully produced this indispensable manual for beginning falconers, which includes review questions (self-exams) and comprehensively covers Raptors (General, Hunting and Falconry Techniques), Keeping Hawks (Care and Maintenance, Equipment, Health), Training and Hunting (Training; Hunting, Game and Quarry; Terms and Phrases). Also included are Regulations, Laws and Administration, Glossary and References. The most important pretest falconry book.

The Red-tailed Hawk-Guide To Training & Hunting the Red-tailed Hawk
by Liam McGranaghan, 2001, 3rd ed., Softbound, 180 Pages, 8 1/2 x 11, 36 line drawings and 68 black-and-white photographs. This new edition contains a more detailed index, a new chapter on hunting, the addition of hoodmaking to the Equipment Section and Insights into Hunting. The book outlines the sequence of acquiring and training a red-tail. Chapters include Trapping, Training, Rabbit Hawking, Squirrel Hawking, Aspects on Hunting and Health & Maintenance, plus Appendix, which includes Patterns (aylmeri jesses, hoods, giant hood, quick mews, weathering area, morphology, and pigeon harness), Falconry Log, Ounces-to-Grams Conversion Table, Suggested Reading and Index.

The Falconer's Apprentice
By William Oakes
A Guide to Training the Red-Tailed Hawk. 2001, revised 3rd ed., 5 1/2 x 8, illustrated. All aspects of training and care. A great help to the aspiring falconer, this book is packed with information that focuses on the first bird most falconers acquire. A must-have for the beginner!

Buteos and Bushytails
By Gary Brewer,
GLB Publs, Texas, 1995, 1st ed., 8 x 11, gilt cover, 22 color and 19 black-and-white photographs, 15 black-and-white illustrations. Seldom does one book open up a whole new type of hunting discipline. Brewer has defined, refined and detailed this highly interactive and demanding sport, the types of hawks utilized, how to outfit them and turn the team into a winning formula. Bound to become a modern-day classic on this aspect of falconry.

All of these books are available from the following links

And here is a test simulator for you to try when you think you know a bit about falconry!

Mock Falconry Test Simulator

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