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West Nile Positive Birds and Bats
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From Michigan DNR:

Good Morning.  This week we received results on 3 West Nile Virus positive animals; a Blue Jay and an American Robin from Ingham County and a Big Brown Bat from Newaygo County.  This brings the total number of West Nile Virus positive animals to 16 from 10 counties in 2015:


Lower Peninsula

Allegan County—American Crow

Calhoun County—Wild Turkey

Clinton County-Wild Turkey

Ingham County—American Crow (3), Wild Turkey, Blue Jay, American Robin

Leelanau County—American Crow

Macomb County—Canada Goose, American Crow

Newaygo County—Big Brown Bat

Tuscola County—Wild Turkey

Wayne County—American Crow


Upper Peninsula

Chippewa County—American Crow


If you receive calls from the public concerning neurologically abnormal avian species, please try to collect the bird, euthanize it if necessary, and submit it to the Lab as soon as possible for examination and testing.  We will test for Avian Influenza and West Nile Virus on ducks, geese, swans, turkey, eagles, and possibly some other raptors, and West Nile Virus on all other avian species.  If you receive a report of a die-off of bats, please collect 3-6 specimens and we will test them for Rabies and West Nile Virus.  Thank you for your continued assistance with the collection of specimens for testing.  I will keep you updated on West Nile Virus positive animals that we examine and if you have any questions, call me or send me an email.  Tom


Thomas M. Cooley

Wildlife Biologist/Pathologist

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Wildlife Disease Lab

4125 Beaumont Rd.

Lansing, MI  48910


517-336-5034 (Office)


517-336-5116 (Necropsy)



Jerry Maynard

Chocolay Raptor Center

Marquette, MI

ph. (906) 249-3598

cell (773) 960-5886


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