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November 2014 Vote: Vote YES on Proposals 1 and 2
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Vote YES on Proposals 1 and 2


This November, you’ll be asked to vote on two proposals on the statewide ballot. You may even be filling out your absentee ballot right now. Both of these proposals are referendums of two bills that were enacted to support hunting rights and guarantee scientific management of our wildlife. For that reason, all hunters and anglers in Michigan should vote “yes” to affirm these laws.


Proposal 1 asks whether to affirm the original law that named wolves as a game species. Naming an animal as a game species doesn’t mean that there will be a hunting season, but opens the possibility to the Natural Resources Commission if state biologists recommend it. A “yes” vote would affirm this law, and a “no” vote, which is what out-of-state anti-hunting special interests are advocating, would repeal it.


Proposal 2 would affirm a law that allows the Natural Resources Commission to name game species, issue fisheries orders, and provide free hunting and fishing licenses to active military members. By making these decisions scientifically at the NRC, hunting and fishing rights are protected from anti-hunting special interests. Once again, a “yes” vote would keep this important law.


Due to the passage by the Legislature of the citizen-initiated Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act in August, hunting rights will be protected and the Natural Resources Commission will regain the ability to scientifically determine game species and fisheries orders in March. But a “yes” vote on Proposals 1 and 2 will send a clear message to out-of-state anti-hunting special interests that they can’t buy our votes in Michigan just by spending a lot of money on misleading political commercials




Thank you



Elden Montross



MUCC District 7 Chairman

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