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I just wanted to pass this letter on to the general public and our members that we received from the Michigan Audubon.


Dear Members:


The staff of Michigan Audubon has finally recuperated from a very successful CraneFest! On behalf of the staff and Board of Michigan Audubon I wanted to thank the Michigan Hawking Club volunteers and your feathered partners for participating in yet another CraneFest. Your exhibit is one of the most popular attractions at the event, and this year was no exception.

It was another lovely weekend this year! I wish I could guarantee that again. Close to 5,000 people participated in CraneFest this year, and we believe the attendance on Saturday, October 8, broke the  all-time single day attendance record for the event.

I would especially like to thank Kory Koch for being my contact for the club. He is always so prompt in answering my messages when I’m in need of information.

It is Michigan Audubon’s hope that the Michigan Hawking Club will consider participating in CraneFest XVIII. Please mark your calendar for October 13 & 14, 2012.


With Gratitude,


Wendy Tatar

Program Coordinator

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