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New On-line Hunting Tool from the DNR
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Innovative New Online Tool Helps Plan Your Michigan Hunting or Outdoor Adventure


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment today introduced a new tool for selecting your next hunting, trapping or outdoor recreation spot -- an interactive mapping application called Mi-HUNT (


Mi-HUNT is a cutting-edge, Web-based application that allows users to view and navigate through all public lands open to hunting and trapping in Michigan. Mi-HUNT displays multiple layers of information, which can be customized to fit your specific outdoor interests and trip planning needs.


“No matter where you are in Michigan, you can find public land for hunting or trapping,” said DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries. “This sophisticated application is the first of its kind in Michigan and state-of-the-art nationwide, allowing hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to view, print, measure and create custom routing to their desired destinations.”


The interactive layers of Mi-HUNT allow the user to view:


- all state game and wildlife areas, federal land, state forest land and private lands open to hunting and trapping;

- vegetation types;

- topography of land;

- recreational facilities such as forest campgrounds, trails, boat launches, and parking areas;

- aerial photography;

- street maps and directions.


Mi-HUNT was made possible with a grant from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  The application was developed by the Michigan Department of Information Technology-Center for Shared Solutions using DNRE data. 


The DNRE is committed to conserve, manage, protect, and promote accessible use and enjoyment of the state's environmental, natural resource, and related economic interests for current and future generations.







Christopher Wysocki
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