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Stop the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) from deceiving Michigan lawmakers
The nation's largest anti-hunting group is at it again. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has been lobbying Michigan lawmakers over the past few weeks about legislation that would authorize the NRC to issue orders for a science-based, limited harvest Moose season in Michigan. The reason? Because HSUS is opposed to any type of hunting (and food animal agriculture).

HSUS has issued an action alert asking members of the Michigan House of Representatives to vote "no" on Senate Bill 1013 (Sen. Allen, R-Traverse City). The worst part is not that HSUS is based in Washington, D.C. and has hired a lobbyist and staff member in Michigan to defeat bills like S.B. 1013 that promote science-based wildlife management, nor the fact that they categorize their anti-hunting action alert under "animal abuse," but that they are intentionally lying to legislators about the bill.

HSUS's state director has been working overtime in the misinformation department lately. You may recall her Detroit Free Press editorial recently where she suggested that Michigan's wolf population still belongs on the Endangered Species List (despite that they're currently 1,000 percent above the ESA population goal) and that hunters are the reason for the animal's demise. She's also a former employee of another animal-rights group, FARM, which was behind the whole "meat is bad for you - 'Michigan Meatout Day'" we experienced last week. Here are some of HSUS's latest whoppers on Senate Bill 1013 (they were voiced to House lawmakers last week):
Lie #1: Michigan's moose population is "too fragile" to sustain a hunting season.
FACT: Wildlife biologists estimate that Michigan has roughly 580 moose in the Upper Peninsula - about 100 in the East U.P. and 480 in the West U.P. This growing population is large enough to sustain about 12 moose harvested each year - most or all of which would occur in the Western U.P.
Lie #2: Creating a limited-harvest hunting season will harm Michigan's moose population.
FACT: Additional funding derived from moose hunting applications and kill tags will direct more resources to manage Michigan's moose population. Wildlife management through science-based, wise use principles will eventually lead to a larger, healthy population of game similar to conservation successes in Michigan with wild turkey, bear, and elk.
Lie #3: Wildlife watchers contribute more to Michigan's economy than sportsmen by a 4:1 ratio; therefore, Michigan's economy will suffer if a limited harvest season is created.
FACT: Sportsmen and women pay for conservation of our state's wildlife. According to the 2006 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, hunting/fishing expenditures in Michigan by residents and non-residents are roughly $3.5 billion annually ($2,071 per person average), which provides an additional $5.9 billion economic ripple effect on the state's economy. Wildlife watching expenditures are about $1.1 billion annually ($332 per person average). Additionally, hunting/fishing and wildlife watching are not mutually exclusive activities. 23 percent of wildlife watchers in Michigan also fish or hunt and 49 percent of sportspersons enjoy wildlife watching. Further, as evidenced by science-based game management successes, a Michigan moose season will likely improve the management of moose, benefiting both wildlife watchers and hunters.
As you may already know, HSUS is not a fan of the truth. It lied openly and often during the dove bill fight and it's absolutely lying now about the moose and wolf issues.

The worst part? They partly get away with it because their animal rights agenda is hidden with a name like "Humane Society of the United States." HSUS is NOT the same as your local county humane society animal shelters, which actually do great work in taking care of abused and neglected animals. HSUS is an anti-hunting, anti-food agriculture organization based in Washington, D.C. In fact, out of HSUS's $100 million annual budget, less than one half of one percent went to local animal shelters, according to their 2008 tax return. So you can guess where the other 99.5%  goes - to pay for deceiving advertisements and paid lobbyists to take away your rights to hunt, fish and trap.

There is great potential for Michigan's growing moose herd under science-based management that has been so successful for other great game species in our state. Senate Bill 1013 will allow state resource managers to provide sustainable hunting opportunities that will further benefit Michigan's economy and improve upon our state's rich outdoor heritage.


Don't let HSUS get away with spreading their propaganda on this legislation - write, call, or email your Michigan state representative and tell him/her the truth about the benefits of science-based wildlife management. Urge them to be aware of the deceiving agenda put forth by HSUS and vote "yes" on Senate Bill 1013.

Find contact information for your state representative HERE
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